Homer Simpson 27" Penny Nickel Board

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The latest addition to The Simpsons x Penny collection, the 27” Homer is a must have for every Simpsons fan.  This cruiser has a light blue deck with matching baseplates, white hangers and dark blue wheels, giving it a different look that the smaller 22” version.

Wheels and Bearings
Solid black 59mm cruiser wheels, will keep you rolling smooth from The Leftorium all the way to Springfield Elementary.

Trucks and Bushings
The 4” high quality aluminum construction Penny trucks will leave you with the ultimate confidence to carve up the local streets.  The 83A bushings are designed for maximum turnability.  Simply adjust the tightness of the kingpin to suit your riding style. 

The 27” Homer has dark blue, high tensile deck bolts that match the wheels