Sunny Smith Shop

F i r s t i n l a s t o u t

Hey, what's up, riders?

Welcome to Sunny Smith Boardshop, the spot in Orange, California, where we've been rocking the board sports scene since '79. More than just a shop, we're the core of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing in our hood.

For a solid four decades, Sunny Smith Boardshop has been the go-to hangout, where riders come together to chill and dig the ride. Our roots are deep, and our commitment to delivering solid service and top-tier gear has only gotten stronger.

What makes us stand out? It's not just about the big brand names in skate, snow, and surf; we've got your back for board and ski repair and tuning. In a region where finding a legit surfboard and snowboard repair shop is rarer than a quiet lineup, we're the one-stop-shop for riders who crave nothing but excellence.

And, check it, we're hyped to offer specialized surfboard, snowboard & ski repair services, tuning in to the unique needs of our diverse crew in Inland Orange County. Your boards aren't just boards; they're an extension of your vibe, and we get that. Keeping them dialed is a mission we take seriously.

Step into Sunny Smith Boardshop, and you're stepping into a slice of board sports history. Join us in soaking up the journey, the camaraderie, and the ride. Sunny Smith Boardshop – where tradition links up with innovation, and your next adventure starts. Skate, ride, and surf on, because here at Sunny Smith, the spirit of boarding lives in every ride.