Andale Pudwill Sauce Green Bearings

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Tear up the park in fun and speedy style on the Andale Pudwill Sauce green bearings. Chrome five steel balls within removable shields offer a smooth ride with easy maintenance, while the fun hot sauce bottle-style container is reusable so you can always keep some spare bearings on hand.
  • Pudwill Sauce Green Bearings from Andale.
  • Signature Torey Pudwill pro model bearings.
  • Grade 5 chrome steel balls.
  • Precision-polished chrome steel races.
  • Removable, frictionless rubber shield.
  • Lubricated with synthetic oil lube for reduced friction.
  • Set of 8 bearings, 8 replacement shields, and 4 bearing spacers.
  • Imported.