Phone not included

The Go Bag  is a waterproof, magnetic self-sealing dry bag that uses rare-earth magnets to quickly and easily close the end to create a water-tight seal. The bags are waterproof down to 100 feet in depth and are also dust-proof for use on the surface.

Manipulate touch screens, buttons and switches directly and easily through the bag.  

Phones and electronics are fully functional through the dry bag.

Turns your existing camera into an underwater camera.  High-quality TPU (BPA-Free) doesn't interfere with clear shots.

waterproof to 100FT/30M


The Dolphin style is the most versatile waterproof GoBag on the market. Perfect for the iPhone 8+ (w/out case) and similar sizes. Measurements are: 6.75 inches x 4.4 inches


Available in other sizes and colors