Krux K5 Grind Out Racism DLK Standard Skateboard Trucks - Pair

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Krux wants you to "Grind Out Racism" on this new K5 DLK truck. Profits from the sale of the "Grind Out Racism" truck will go to a non-profit racial justice movement committed to ending racism in this country through their efforts end predatory lending, pay college athletes and combat the white nationalist movements. Let's build the world we want to see, one grind at a time.

The New and improved K5 Krux DLK (Down-Low Kingpin) Truck has all the improved features of our new K5 standard truck including the "Pur-fect Turn" with a revolutionary inverted kingpin that locks into a shaft-nut baseplate, for ultimate grind clearance, strength and rigidity.

Patent Pending


Axle 7.60 in,8.00 in,8.25 in
Hanger 5 in,5.35 in,5.625 in
Height 55 mm
SubType Standard
Weight 334,343,345
Width 7.60,8.00,8.25