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100% of proceeds benefit The Ryder Wade Foundation
Ryder Wade lived life to the fullest.  He served on ASB and captain of the water polo team at El Modena High School.  He lived adventurously and passionately.  He loved surfing, skating, snowboarding, water polo, riding motorcycles, live music and life.  Ryder had a passion to make a difference in the lives of people. 
Ryder dreamed of taking over A Quarter Blue, a trauma recovery center for victims of crime in Orange.  In hopes to fulfill  this dream, he was pursuing a degree in psychology from Concordia University in Irvine.  his pursuit of higher education was cut short in a tragic motorcycle accident January 15, 2021 as he left water polo practice.  He was looking forward to compete with his team mates at Concordia University.
Ryder looked forward to having a t-shirt line highlighting his character KatDog.  His family is making this dream a reality through Ryder's Kook Krew Merch'. 
All proceeds will benefit the Ryder Wade FoundationThe Ryder Wade Foundation is a private family foundation that will distribute income for charitable purposes.  This will include providing therapy for victims of crime.  In addition, the foundation will offer scholarships to student-athletes at Concordia university, Irvine.